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Analytical cookies : analytical cookies help us improve our website, which in turn benefits you. Analytical cookies on our website are collected by a script from Google Inc., which then anonymizes this data. After anonymization, it is no longer personal data, because anonymized cookies cannot be assigned to a specific user or to a specific person. We only work with cookies in anonymized form. Therefore, we cannot find out from cookies how a specific user behaved on our website (which pages he visited, etc.). we consider relevant to you. If you want to have control over which analytical cookies we process, you can use an add-on program from Google (can only be run from a computer – ).

At the same time, it informs our customers about the options to disable the processing of cookies. It is enough to use one of the common Internet browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) with the anonymous browsing function turned on, which will prevent the storage of data about visited websites, or you can completely disable the storage of cookies in your browser. However, if you also disable the processing of technical and functional cookies, you will prevent the operation of some functions that help you. You can easily control the processing of analytical cookies by us if you use an additional program from Google (can only be started from a computer – ). Unfortunately, by turning off analytical cookies, you will make it significantly more difficult for us to improve our website.

Furthermore, according to the recommendations of the ÚOOÚ, consent to the processing of cookies is considered to be the very setting of the browser, where each user sets how cookies will be processed. This matter is reported by the ÚOOU on its website:…

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